Scientific Management Techniques

Combating the Manufacturing Skills Shortage Globally

SMT’s Manufacturing Skill Solutions are relied on by manufacturers across a wide variety of manufacturing platforms in 46 countries.

The “Hands-On” Manufacturing Skills Assessment Program is a Game – Changer! Dramatically lowering the Risk and Cost of hiring. Program users know the skill level / skill set and aptitude for learning of each applicant prior to hire. ROI of the assessment program is over 100% the first month of deployment.

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SMT’s “Competency-Based” Manufacturing Skills Training Program trains the specific skills required to Operate, Maintain and Troubleshoot a modern manufacturing facility.

The curriculum is 100% Demand-Driven, designed through close collaboration with SMT’s global client base.

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  • Eighty percent of U.S. manufacturing executives report a moderate to severe shortage of highly skilled workers.

  • Seventy-five percent of executives report a moderate to severe shortage of skilled workers.

  • Sixty-one percent say it has been difficult to hire the skilled people they need.