Hands-On Manufacturing Skill Training Programs

SMT’s Manufacturing Skills Curriculum is 100% Demand Driven, built by and for manufacturing operations professionals. The proven program teaches the theory, then directly applies that theory in a hands-on training lab working with training aids that replicate real-world conditions. The balance of training time is 30% Theory: 70% Hands-On application of theory in the training lab.

The Competency-Based program is highly effective in a short period of time.

Based on skill gap analysis using the Assessment Program SMT delivers “targeted training” for your incumbent workforce. This targeted training increases the ROI of training dollars spent because you only take employees out of production for the specific training required.

SMT’s Skills Training Program

  • 27 percent average improvement in total output by unit of capacity.
  • An average decrease in overtime hours by unit by 59 percent.
  • A 21 percent increase in quality.
  • An average decrease in downtime of 44 percent.

SMT’s Mechatronics Training Aids

  • Alignment Trainer
  • Gear Trainer
  • Elementary Timing Model
  • Advanced Timing Model
  • Universal Hydraulic Trainer
  • Universal Pneumatic Trainer
  • Electrical Controls Trainer
  • Centrifugal Pump Trainer
  • Gearbox Maintenance Trainer
  • Bearing Maintenance Trainer
  • Pump Maintenance
  • Tri-Lobe Rotary Pump
  • Circumferential Piston Pump
  • Packaging Machine Simulator
  • PLC Trainer
  • Process Control Trainer